Energy. Where do you put it?

We are not robots and we are not rechargeable. I’m not complaining. I am glad. The alarm goes off at 6:00 am on average. One thing after the next. Sometimes you know what’s in store and sometimes you do not. Sometimes you can control it and sometimes you can not and at the end of the day you set the alarm all over again just to “do it” all over again. Just exhausting, but you can’t sleep. Does it make any sense?
I’m not really sure why I can’t sleep. Is it the fact that my mind is still processing what just happened? Is it trying to process what could happen next as a result of what just happened? Is it hoping for something to happen or not to happen? I’m not sure I know. I mean, what day is it again? Should I count sheep? So much is going on in my mind when it should be shutting down.
One thing that remains constant, energy! It’s obvious that it is definitely present, but am I exhausting it in the right places? Nope! Not consistently anyway.
Looking back on my life as I know it, I almost never focused my energy in the right place. It was a juggling game and not always fun.


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