I open my mouth and my mother comes out.

Why does this always happen? Do you ever have that moment when you say something and your mouth keeps on moving, but your mind lags behind? It is lagging ever so slightly because you are realizing that what you just said sounded like your mother. “Oh boy! Did that just happen?”Whether we admit it or not? We are a product of our mother in more ways than one. Mothers are wise beyond their own belief and we will never be ahead of them in their human lifecycle. A lifecycle is an entire lesson all to itself. Even though from a very young age we experience those moments where we think we are light years ahead of them.

Being a mom can certainly have its ups and downs. There are a few benefits that should get an honorable mention that are often overlooked. For one, motherhood can produce justified spa treatments, a skip the gym free card, an excuse for being late and a definite reason in being a pro at being brutally honest, an extra glass or two or three of wine and the feeling of being the utmost important person on the planet when then need something. Who doesn’t want to feel like a rock star even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. So next time your mind is slightly lagging behind remember to take it all in because you are more than just someone who sounds like your mother, you are now someone who has been through at-least a small portion of the human life cycle and will always be wiser than the next. So hit the fast forward button in your mind because it’s more than ok!