If I ever go missing……Wine and Friends.

If I ever go missing I want to be remembered for all of the good times and bad and have my picture put on a wine bottle. More to come on that. All of the times that I shared with each and every one of you were a great memory, a good memory or a lesson learned. Not everyone will go through life full of JUST good memories. Know this, it is okay to fail. If you never failed you never lived. Reach high! Just like with anything else. Let’s go for it! Say it with me “I want to be remembered 100 years from now”. Is that comment out of reach?

Start by living for your family. Not your legacy. Putting your family before all can leave you being remembered for generations; Sacrifices can be short term in the moment, but go a long way. In those moments stop and think how worth it that sacrifice could be. Time is valuable and you can not get it back. Make the choice that carries more weight and more heart; Build people up. Empathy can be a great friend. Listen, understand and offer the upmost esteemed conversation in return; More giving less taking. This is definitely easier said than done for some and giving does not have to be tangible; Authenticity is BOMB. You can put on a mask to hide your identity, but it’s not always as easy to hide your true-self. Be you not the someone that others want to make you out to be. The “real” is always more powerful; Celebrate dates! A lot of them. Celebrate the not so obvious too. First dates, conquering a fear, accomplishing a goal, a promotion, new friendships, throw a “just because” party and the list goes on. A conversation over a glass of wine, a cold beer or an ice cold lemonade can go a along way.

Need some assistance getting started? Passion. Find your passion and drive all of the above through it. Passion is a powerful work of art. What is your passion? What do you find yourself constantly reading about? What is your go to google search? What does your Pinterest Pin overload look like? What makes the hair stand up? The sunshine come early?

Oh! One last thing, If I ever go missing can you put my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton that way my friends will know I’m missing.

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  1. It’s hard to narrow down my passions as I find that many change as I get older. I’d say some constants are growing relationships, whether with God & Jesus, my husband, my son, my sister, etc., plus getting outdoors and exploring when it’s nice and sunny outside. I also am passionate about always learning, whether it’s school, for my career, or a new hobby. And, as a counselor, I can really appreciate your view on the importance of empathy!

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