Slay your own dragon.

Sometimes I view procrastination as an evil dragon. Even though we don’t always admit it, we can only carry so much around comfortably and effectively. This can cause an indirect growth pattern to our to-do list. How so? Because when we try to take on to much we spread ourself thin. Somethings will not get the full attention they deserve and somethings could get more attention than they deserve. Our mind gets hung up in a rate of switch tasking that could spin out of control at any moment tossing out items that were not caught up in the specific moment. Something is not going to get done at that moment in time or at the least forgotten about. This is where we can get into trouble. Thus items that do not get done will bow down to the dragon.

Self-esteem is a product of thought and if we think we are not good enough or find ourselves struggling to accomplish things the more the sense of inadequacy will take its toll. Embracing a can-do attitude can help. Sounds counter intuitive I know.

Wrap your whirl wind mind around this; tackle the most important things first. When I say tackle that is exactly what I mean. This way the important items get your upmost attention. When we handle important things they also make us feel important. Make Sense? Prioritize the next batch of have-to-do items. Notice I said have-to-do. STAY THE COURSE. Finally, reevaluate the I-should-do or I-could-do items. Delegation could be your best friend. Yes, we all have that list of people that we would never delegate a thing to. I get it. Just remember “they are not your people”. Make this routine a part of your everyday life. You would be surprised at how your “slaying dragon skills” will become that of a master slayer. Not to mention how snazzy a shiny suit of armor might look on you.