Supporting our young generation one passion at a time.

2019 Youth Conference

It is important to share what we learned way back when. In terms of a job and navigating the world of working I had to learn it on my own. I can say proudly that I have worked two and three jobs at a time since the age of 17. At that time I knew how to obtain and complete a job application and that was it. However, I knew that I loved money and the independence that came with it. I was not fearful of the job market. I loved the challenge of growing as an individual and learning new things. Looking back, I don’t regret the trial and error that came with it. Trial and error can teach a lot.

Throughout the years I grew to love learning and at some point along the way I found a love for sharing. Learning and sharing have become a passion. Now that I am in a position to do just that, learn and share, I do! This year will be the 8th year for a local youth development conference that I founded for the youth in my community. The Youth Professional Development Conference, Success Is Intentional. The conference focuses on career preparation for over 250 college-bound, trade-focused, and workforce ready students in grades 10-12. It has received so many positive reviews in the past and touched the life of many. The keynote speakers are always something to write home about. The ability to give back is a blessing. Having the means to so and the legacy to continue forward for many years to come is an honor. Yes, success is intentional.