My name is Tobie Lynn and I am a Certified Transformation Mindset Coach. I also hold a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree and several additional certifications.

I spent 15+years in the business world and counting. My current and past direct industry related experiences include volunteer work, board seats, management and employee coaching, and guest speaker events. I am highly skilled in all disciplines of Human Resources and businesses management.

I founded a local non-profit women’s networking and support group which is currently heading into its 6 year in operation.

Specializing in Mindset, Empowerment and Career. I help women transform their mindset, feel seen and live purposeful and empowered lives.

I am also a motivational speaker, trainer and writer.

You have a choice to stay below or rise above. Once you choose to rise above the options are limitless. Loving yourself first is key! I’m here to help you find that spark, start that fire and let it burn until you reach your full potential as that strong independent woman that I know you can be!

As a certified coach I am a trained professional who guides individuals into their ideal life and most authentic self, particularly when navigating moments of change. Here, with me, you choose the journey. I provide the expertise.


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