Happy New Year!

WOW! Where can I start? How about with the new year? Of course there are things to remember and things that one will never forget about 2020, but I am just going to keep it moving in to what I hope to refer to as “The Best Year Ever”. I am so exited to start a new year. The few things that I carried with me into the new year are some holiday decorations, family, career and left over sauerkraut. Oh! One last thing, a 2021 Planner that states on the front cover “BEST YEAR EVER”. More to come on that. Things that I have learned not in the prior year, but over my lifetime will be my new year focus. It is time to put my best foot forward and make some things happen. I ask you to join me. Let’s do this together. I am not talking about new years resolutions. I am talking about lifelong resolutions. What are some things that you always wanted to do, say you are going to do, read about doing, envision yourself doing, but NEVER DO? Let’s do this thing! How about a few tips? Prioritize and focus, Reach out to your support system, Reward yourself and most importantly, Love and respect yourself.

A little further discussion shall we? If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed take a step back. You may be doing to much. Or some of what you are doing my be taking up most of your energy. Focus on one goal at a time and don’t move on to the next until complete or satisfied. I can not say enough about a support system. If you do not have one for those midday pep talks, a hug when you need one the most or someone just to say it is going to be ok and you got this find one! Now! Oh, not to mention that you become the company that you keep. There is never a better time to pulse check the people that you choose to surround yourself with on a regular basis. Whether we admit it or not, we love rewards. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes and do not have to be monetary. Most importantly, to love and respect yourself. It will be very difficult to pursue good choices and maintain the motivation needed to plow through your wildest dreams if you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself. After all you are the one that is going to be the maker and the doer. If you don’t like that person how do you expect to respect their choices and actions and approve of what they are doing so much that it causes a ripple effect. Thus the result of motivation and sustainability.